The Really Promising Company
The Really Promising Company


Performed as part of the Canterbury Festival Umbrella 2014

Venue: The Arden Theatre, Faversham

Libretto: Jane Jones

Music: Lewis Edmunds

Director: Christine Ramsay

Musical Director: Lewis Edmunds


'Dreamlands' is an original musical celebrating the appeal and history of Margate and East Kent and the stunning artworks of J M W Turner.


It is set in the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate and the Kentish historical threads are woven together through six contemporary characters: an elderly lady and her daughter, the gallery curator and assistant and a couple on a first internet date.


Dreamlands is entertaining, educational, funny and nostalgic.  People who saw 'Dreamlands' (previously Kentish Canvas) remarked on how it reminded them of the Margate of their youth and there were laugh-out-loud moments, as well as parts where tears were quietly shed.


It was a collaborative project which drew on the multiple talents of members of the Really Promising Company who wrote the script and the musical score and produced artworks which formed an important part of the performance.


The script and lyrics are the work of Jane Jones of the Really Promising Company and the music was been specially written by a young, local composer Lewis Edmunds, who is also the musical director.

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