The Really Promising Company
The Really Promising Company

The Parting Glass

Sunday 24th October

As part of the Canterbury Festival 2021

Mark Dougherty was well known in Northern Ireland as the Music Man of Pantomimes and also for being musical director on Riverdance.


We first knew him in East Kent as the composer and musical director of the Promised Land, the much-acclaimed community opera staged at the Marlowe in 2006.


So inspired were the local cast that an all-inclusive community opera company was created, The Really Promising Company.


Mark worked with the company on two further projects, and we have endeavoured since, to write and perform works with Kentish connections.


The loss to the music world is our loss too and this concert pays tribute to the music he created for The Really Promising Company and reflects on this 'immensely talented man'.

See excerpts of Promised Land on this link


And excerpts from the Parting Glass here

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Moders Operandi


The Tale of Mary Carleton



Performance in November 2022



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